Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I love March Madness

This time of year, it seems like everyone is posting about how they either love March Madness or they just don't get what all the fuss is about. I definitely fall into the former, so it got me thinking- why do I love March Madness so much? Or sports in general?

Coming from a non-sports fan family (sorry Dad), it's weird that I love sports as much as I do. Growing up, sporting events were definitely just a social activity - I went to all the high school football and basketball games, and I cheered when the crowd cheered, but I had no idea what was happening. It was just fun to be a part of something.

I spent the majority of my high school days hanging out with a group of boys, so I absorbed a bit of sports knowledge solely so I would know what people were talking about. In fact, I may or may not have been a groupie for a YMCA boys basketball league. Then one day during my senior year of high school, I happened to turn on the tv on a Saturday in mid-March and a basketball game was on. Having nothing better to do, I watched the game, and then the game after it. Before I knew it I had watched basketball for eight hours. And I couldn't wait for the next day to do it again. An obsession was born.

Once I got to Iowa State, I had the convenience of living right across the street from Hilton Coliseum and Jack Trice Stadium. I became an avid football fan, even though I still had no idea what was going on. But then came basketball season. We were right on the heels of an amazing season the year before, so Hilton was rocking. I was hooked.
Eventually I started to understand what was going on, and my friend Dan filled in the gaps when I didn't. I learned that sports were even more fun when you understood the game. And I learned that when you understood the game, you could talk to other people about the game.

I also learned that Cyclone fans are a special breed. Even through a string of basketball and football coaches and a series of ups and downs, we never give up and we continue to care. We care about the sports that most people don't care about. We care about our teams during losing seasons. And we appreciate our victories in a way that many teams can't because they mean more to us.

So Iowa State took my sports obsession to another level. But basketball has always been my sport of choice. It's probably partly jealousy that my 5'4" self wasn't destined for the WNBA. But mostly it's the pace of the game, the thrill of the last second shot, and the moments that make me look like this:
And March Madness provides just that. Even if I've never heard of the schools that are playing, it's exciting to root for an upset and to follow along with my bracket (which was a lost cause this year). 

Monday, March 12, 2012

The things I haven't blogged about...

Nothing will motivate me to blog like not wanting to study for my business ethics exam. So here's a run down on everything I haven't blogged about.

Baconfest - A few weeks ago we went to a festival devoted entirely to bacon. Many popular Des Moines restaurants concocted bacon themed dishes to sample, including peanut butter bacon brownies, bacon tacos, bacon pizza, and bacon ice cream! Despite the SUPER long lines, it was a good time! Not something I ever need to do again, but it was worth doing.

Grad school update - Somehow I got a 90% on my first exam! The Mayans might be on to something, I think the world is ending. I don't think I will get so lucky on my test tomorrow though...especially with how hard I am currently studying.

Bailey - Well she graduated from puppy class and is on to obedience school. Just in time, as she has recently  started a really fun chewing phase. So far we have a shoe and a chair as casualties. She has been spending a lot of time at the dog park which is the best. thing. ever.

Cats - They no longer hate Bailey. Hooray! Photo evidence of them all being in the same room together:
Big 12 Tournament - Last week my friend Laura and I went to Kansas City for the Big 12 Tournament, an annual girls weekend. This year our trip was cut very short by two back to back Cyclone losses by the men and the women. But we still had a good time as always, and we're hoping for better luck this week in the NCAA Tourney! Anyone want to road trip to Louisville?
Hunger Games - Is awesome. Done with the first book, on to the second. If you haven't read it, do it immediately. Even Bailey likes it.
And there you have it, the past month in a nut shell. What have you all been up to?